Need of technology in Indian Agriculture

In the changing weather and increasing in the demand of food for the survival of human beings,it is a need of an hour to use the technology in the field of agriculture to produce more yield. Use of the fertilizers in inefficient way lead to spending more money without achieving the desired results.In the technology world,it's the time to use technology in agriculture.

Measure the macro and micro nutrients

It is important to test the soil regularly to understand the health of the soil and advice only required amount of fertilizers with respect to crop to get the desired results.Government of India has come up with the Soil Health Card Scheme to distribute the soil health details to all the farmers through contractual vendors and put the information available in the link(SampleTracking) along with suggestions.But the soil test need to be done on a regular basis and it will be tedious process to get this done even for the government.Hence there is a need of technical hand-held tool which should give the correct results of the macro and macro nutrients and suggest the farmers to take required actions in real-time.

IoT devices to get the current state of the farm

IoT(Internet of Things), the buzzword of today's technology world, can be used in the agriculture field to use the sensors to capture the moisture,pH,humidity of the farm and inform to farmers in the real-time so that the proper irrigation can be done for the crops to get the better yield.

Drones can be used to monitor the crop health and take the steps to improve the crop health with the help of agri scientists.

Analytics to predict the crop yield

Data analytics can be used to capture the historical data of the crop yield along with the weather,so that the current yield of the crop can be predicted to some accuracy.So in this way it will be use to suggest the farmers to grow specific crop based on the demand of the society and connect the farmers to the buyers directly through the digital medium.

AI(Artificial intelligence) & ML(machine learning) can be used to find the state of a crop by just uploading the photo of a crop leaf to the mobile applications and get the information of any disease and required actions to control the disease at the earliest.

Lot of start-up companies are already entered the market in the above mentioned areas to solve the problems of the farmers.Precision Farmers also one of them striving to improve the condition of the farmers with an agenda of "Efficient fields,excellent yields".

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