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Precision Farmers have collaboration with other companies for providing solutions which comes under Agriculture domain. This enables our farmers and growers for getting all solutions under one umbrella of "Precision Farmers"

Data Analytics

Analysis of historical data and help farmers to predict their crop yield

IoT in agriculture

Use of IoT to measure macro and micro nutrients which are required to improve the crop yield.


Consultant to standardise agricultural practices


Best practices and guidelines for the betterment of agriculture practices.

Best practices

Best practices to improve the yield

Healthy tips

Agriculture products for good health


Agriculture events near by you:

About us

Precision Farmers is a Start-up company focused on Design and Development of solutions for enabling Indian farming community to adopt Precision Agriculture at affordable cost. The team consists of professionals with diverse skill set needed for developing product. Team’s expertise include Electronics Hardware design, Sensors and Actuators, Software Programming, Data Analytics, Mobile Application development, Agriculture Scientists and Experienced farmers The team realizes the potential and the need for Precision Agriculture in present context where effective utilization of natural resources is of extreme importance without compromising the yield and quality.

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Published on:24/02/2018

Technology in Agriculture

In the changing weather conditions and increasing in the demand of food...

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